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Corrections and Prisons

As a partner with Ingstrup & Partners, Denmark, we specialise in leadership development in the prisons and corrections sector globally.

Ole Ingstrup, a management consultant in Denmark, has significant international consulting experience in corrections. He is the former Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada, one of International Corrections and Prisons Association’s (ICPA) founding fathers, and ICPA’s first president. He has worked extensively on review and reform in the corrections sector globally and is currently advising the Danish Correctional Service on a major organizational transformation, and is using Coaching Ourselves as one of the tools.

The Corrections and Prisons sector is experiencing considerable change with increased focus on reform that broadens focus on rehabilitation and community integration of offenders. Our management and leadership programs are designed for effective sustained change across the sector.

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Aboriginal Health Services

The Institute of Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH), Brisbane provides a vast range of services to indigenous communities in the southwest suburbs of Brisbane. The growth of the organisation and expansion of services has resulted in an increase in the number of managers and leaders, including indigenous and non-indigenous staff. The Institute has used CoachingOurselves across the organisation focused on strengthening confidence and capability with the rapidly growing health organisation.

Management Happenings, in agreement with CoachingOurselves, has supported IUIH to develop topics on cultural awareness, based on the CoachingOurselves model of learning and development. In particular Renee Brown, Project Officer, Workplace Development has developed Yarnin Up, a cultural awareness learning process. It is a powerful program that generates awareness and sensitivity between non-indigenous and indigenous staff and clients.

The Yarnin Up series of topics are used extensively within IUIH and made available to external agencies that provide services to indigenous clients.

CoachingOurselves and Management Happenings are pleased to be associated with the development of Yarnin Up and will continue to work with IUIH to support ongoing development and to link interested agencies with the Institute.

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