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Introduction to CoachingOurselves
CoachingOurselves peer-coaching groups are small, highly productive communities of practice through which participants become better leaders and change their organization. They are easy to setup, demonstrate immediate business impact, and are a key catalyst to successful leadership development.

Interview with Charles Jennings on 70:20:10.
70:20:10 is a simple concept. It describes the way adults learn best in the workplace: through a combination of experience, social exposure, and formal education. L&D professionals around the world are embracing 70:20:10 to help expand the range of services they offer and connect directly with their organisations’ core businesses.

Henry Mintzberg.
Henry Mintzberg received Thinkers50 Lifetime Achievement Award for his influence as a management thinker along with Peter Drucker, Tom Peters and Meg Whitman. He has had a major role in shaping our understanding of managers and organisations and is a founder of CoachingOurselves.

Henry Mintzberg on Managing – Pure and Simple
Separation of leadership from management is utterly destructive, because managers who don’t lead are boring and leaders who don’t manage don’t know what is going on. So leadership and management are part and parcel of the same thing; they should not be separated.

What our clients think…

The Institute of Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH), SE Brisbane, Queensland, use CoachingOurselves as part of their strategy to support managers and teams to work collaboratively to change the status of health for Indigenous Australians.

The Institute of Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH)
Has it made a difference?

The Institute of Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH)
About IUIH

The Institute of Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH)
Favourite topics.

The Institute of Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH)
What do you like about CO?

Sacred Heart College Middle School
With changing expectations of schools, principals, teachers, corporate and auxiliary staff need to work together to deliver the best possible for students and families. Sacred Heart College Middle School, South Australia, has used CoachingOurselves with their senior staff.

State Library Queensland Leadership 2015
Monica Redden and Annie Talve have designed leadership programs across the library sector. In 2015 State Library Queensland sponsored 25 library staff, including a northern regional group. Some alumni share their experiences of the program.

CoachingOurselves Webinar Nov
Five practitioners share their experiences of using CoachingOurselves— Learn from 5 practitioners from a diverse range of companies to understand their real-world applications and outcomes with CoachingOurselves. It is not the most interesting visual, however the content is very interesting!

Next Gen/Next Decade Libraries
Monica Redden and Annie Talve worked with 24 university library leaders from Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai in 2011, as part of a leadership program called Next Gen/Next Decade. The program was initiated and project managed by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Library.