The direct correlation between a positive work environment and productivity is well known, yet often overlooked.

Our motivation to work with organisations…

We believe that everyone deserves a positive, productive and pleasant experience in their jobs, regardless of the nature of the work. We understand the direct correlation between a positive work environment and productivity.  Yet over our 20 years of consultancy business we have observed hundreds and thousands of employees, including managers who are only semi-productive due to feeling disenchanted, frustrated, over-worked, underutilized or dis-engaged in their jobs.

Over the years consistent issues have included: break down in meaningful communication; inappropriate or absence of management; dis-engagement and dis-empowerment of staff; poor methods of measuring results; lack of structures to allow leaders to be effective and reluctance to work collaboratively.

Our observations align with various global research including that up to 70% of employees feel disengaged in their workplace and many employees leave jobs due to their manager or management generally and not due to the work.

Rocket science is not required to make workplaces operate differently. We’ve worked in lots of situations that could be much better, but we’ve also worked in loads of workplaces that are really great where people are enjoying their work and getting stuff done. A great workplace is not a fantasy, people make this happen all the time.

We work with companies and  organisations that are keen and committed to building the confidence of managers and leaders. They know about the correlation between a positive workplace and productivity and equally they care about their employees.

Our unique approach…

Nothing gets done in organisations if people don’t work together. Our method builds alignment and mutual understanding.

We apply our experience, independent perspective and clarity of thinking to help clients design and deliver leadership and management programs to hone skills and strengthen confidence of managers, leaders and organisations as a whole.

No program is the same. We design and deliver management and leadership development programs to match the interests and needs of the organisation.

“I loved the whole suite of ideas and insights that were explored. For me, self-reflection was hugely important through the process, as well as having the confidence to explore the difficult areas of my role.” Debra, Logan City Libraries


“Before, people might get a little bit defensive. Now we are more prepared to listen. Also, because it is a safe place, we have gelled together as a group. People are more willing to pick up on what others are saying. Whereas before they would listen but they would not necessarily hear. Now they are really hearing it.” ACT Community Corrections


“CoachingOurselves was great for us as a leadership team.  It gave everyone a chance to speak about things that are important in our car dealership and help keep things relevant to our business.  I really liked the style of learning, we were not being lectured about theory but learning new ideas and using our own knowledge and experience to build our business. Monica helped to set us up and facilitated the first few sessions  which was really encouraging and gave us the confidence so that we could facilitate ourselves.” Jan, ClareValley Toyota



This is what we can do for you…

We develop tailored leadership programs that are project-based and run over a short period of time, book-ended with short workshops.  We also design on-site or on-line CoachingOurselves programs for small groups of managers, leaders and teams

Examples of tailored leadership programs include working in the library sector. We designed several programs that have involved working with groups of up to 25 librarian leaders, over a six month period with participants from across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  Our work with schools has included programs for teachers as well as admin teams running over one or two school terms.

Typically we introduce concepts and experiential learning focused on core elements including communication, strategic thinking and doing, employee engagement, reflection and change, collaboration, stakeholder engagement and creativity and innovation.  Each program includes completion of a project that is relevant and useful to the organisation  and utilises their new found skills.  

Our experience has shown that leadership workshops ignite individual transformation and significant change in organisational culture.

CoachingOurselves programs come in all shapes and sizes.  Often we will start of with establishing small groups of 5-6 that meet on a regular basis over six to twelve months to discuss a CoachingOurselves topic. Each program is designed uniquely to fit the interests and needs of the organisation. Our experience has shown that working together as a group over a period of time builds trust and openness so that participants share and explore management matters more deeply. The growth in collaboration and understanding across organisations as a result of the groups has a direct impact on productivity.

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