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Topics for Individuals


Innovate Using Generative Relationships
Apply the STAR model to improve existing generative relationships, which bring innovative solutions to complex issues, and develop new ones.

Two Models of Change
Consider and perhaps combine the change models “7 Universal Principles for Making Change Happen” (Beer) and the “6-Step Critical Path to Change” (Ulrich) to more effectively manage change in your organization.

Thinking Entrepreneurially to Grow Your Business
Uncover new opportunities and help influence the success of your organization through a variety of entrepreneurial techniques.

Being a Catalytic Leader
Embrace a catalytic leadership paradigm, where leaders at any level of the organization facilitate and mediate agreements around tough issues, and think systematically and strategically for long-term impact.

Ten Ways to Release Change and Ten More Ways to Release Change
Appreciate the nature of change and learn new ways to release change to quickly and easily achieve your goals at no added cost.

Leading with Humility
Learn how “leading with humility” provides the foundation for an organization where employees can speak out about what is really going on in the face of complex, multi-faceted problems.

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Establishing Strategy

Leading Change in Difficult Times
Inspire and guide organizations through challenging times, maintaining productivity and performance by focusing on these simple yet powerful methods

Stimulating the Entrepreneurial Imagination
Develop paradigm-shifting strategies to innovate new value-adding products/services/practices within your organization.

Strategic Blindspots
Increase your awareness of the strategic blindspots most prominent in your organization and discuss how you can move beyond them.

SWOT for Strategy
Bring a strategic situation into sharper focus by using a SWOT analysis, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Develop attentional strategies in your daily managing that cultivate an awareness of the unseen, the obscure, and the overlooked.

In Praise of Middle Management
Become aware of the valuable roles middle-level managers play in organizations especially related to managing change, and reflect upon yourselves in these roles.

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Developing Organisations

Silos and Slabs in Organizations
Explore two characteristics of organizational formal structures, silos and slabs, the challenges they present to managing, and ways to manage across and beyond them.

Talent Management
Diagnose and clarify your own talent “mindset” to get the most out of the talent in your unit/organization.

Understanding Organizations
Learn the strengths, weaknesses, and implications of Mintzberg’s four common forms of organizations and discover how your organization fits into the framework.

Engagement: Beyond Buy-In
Explore the key dynamics underlying highly engaged organizations that allow them to be supple and responsive to shifts in their external and internal environments.

Models of Engagement: Employee-Employer Relations
Assess the realities of the various models of employer-employee engagement in regards to your own organization and how you might nurture change.

Candid Conversations
People have to be willing to speak up if a process is not working, if a manager isn’t giving clear directions, or if politics are undermining productivity. Learn techniques to enable candid conversations..

Some Surprising Things about Collaboration
Understand what contributes to effective collaborative relationships to enhance them within and beyond your organization.

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Service Excellence

Igniting Momentum with Customer Insights
Discuss four ways to systematically investigate your customer’s needs and learn how you can apply these insights to your organization and the potential barriers to success.

Brand Building for Every Manager
Discover a holistic approach to branding in which all organizational activities are aligned, interdependent, and integrated.

Knowledge Sharing for Innovation:The Wiki Way
Explore informal ways in which knowledge is shared in your organization and ask yourselves if they could be enhanced by certain policies and practices for transformative change.

Introducing Culture in Organizations
Increase your awareness of organizational culture to enhance how you perceive management issues and how you can more effectively act on them.

Smart Investments in Talent
Determine where an investment in talent will yield the highest return by focusing on your organization’s pivotal jobs and tasks.

Probing Into Culture
Probe into Schein’s three levels of organizational culture to better understand the culture of your own organization and more effectively promote positive change.

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Supervisor Starter Kit

Accountability: It’s a Tricky World
Learn methods for improving accountability and gain insight into the challenges which inevitably surround accountabilities.

Political Games in Organizations
Appreciate when and how the various types of political games can positively advance your organization’s goals.

Managing to Lead
Determine factors contributing to effective leadership to balance your personal leadership style and clarify how you can contribute to a well-led organization.

Managing Time and Energy
Decide how to better manage your time, individually and as a team, and learn how to work with your natural rhythms to maximize creativity and productivity.

Five Ideas About Teamwork
Improve the functioning of teams you are on by reviewing some of the fundamental challenges of teams such as size, structure, and virtual teams.

Managing Conflict in Teams
Learn to value conflict as a creative resource and explore skills for successful conflict management.

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