Did you know that 50% of employees say they leave their companies because of their boss?  Don’t be one of those bosses.  Individual managers need and deserve opportunities to learn and develop as managers.

Do yourself & your staff a favour – join a CoachingOurselves group!

What is a CoachingOurselves Session?

CoachingOurselves is a management and leadership development approach based on a small group of six meeting together to discuss a topic over 90 minutes.  Each session is facilitated via video conference; expect to be actively engaged in discussion.

How small group programs work

We will organise six individuals into a group.  Groups will discuss topics designed to help you think and behave differently as managers and leaders.

What you will gain from the sessions

– Increased knowledge and understanding about the practice of management
– New skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace
– Improved engagement with your staff
– Better performance of the organisation
– Confidence to do things differently.


Option One: Join a group and complete six sessions.

We will bring together a group of six that will meet once a month over a six month period. You can expect  that trust and openness will build and you will share and explore management happenings more deeply.  The following programs are currently on offer, let us know if you are interested in other areas and we can tailor a program.

1. Innovate Using Generative Relationships
2. Two Models of Change
3. Thinking Entrepreneurially to Grow Your Business
4. Being a Catalytic Leader
5. Ten Ways to Release Change and Ten more ways to Release Change
6. Leading with Humility
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Establishing Strategy
1. Leading Change in Difficult Times
2. Stimulating the Entrepreneurial Imagination
3. Strategic Blindspots
4. SWOT for Strategy
5. Foresight
6. In Praise of Middle Management
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Developing Organisations
1. Silos and slabs in Organisations
2. Talent Management
3. Understanding Organisations
4. Models of Engagement: Employer Employee Relations
5. Candid Conversations
6. Some Surprising Things about Collaboration
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Service Excellence
1. Igniting Momentum with Customer Insights
2. Brand Building for Every Manager
3. Knowledge Sharing for Innovation-The Wiki Way
4. Introducing Culture in Organizations
5. Smart Investment in Talent
6. Probing Into Culture
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Supervisor Starter Kit
1. Accountability: It’s a Tricky World
2. Political Games in Organisations
3. Managing to Lead
4. Managing Time and Energy
5. Five Ideas About Teamwork
6. Managing Conflict in Teams
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Option Two:  Join for a one-off CoachingOurselves session

We will bring together a group of six for a 90 minute session to complete a CoachingOurselves topic.  The following topics are currently on offer:

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1. Introducing Culture in Organisations
Increase your awareness of organizational culture to enhance how you perceive management issues and how you can more effectively act on them.

2. Silos and Slabs in Organisations
Explore two characteristics of organizational formal structures, silos and slabs, the challenges they present to managing, and ways to manage across and beyond them.

3. Accountability: It’s a Tricky World
Learn methods for improving accountability and gain insight into the challenges which inevitably surround accountabilities.

Individual Coaching and Mentoring

Individuals benefit from having a third party engaged in their career development or as a mentor in their work. Management Happenings provides one-on-one sessions based on the individual’s interests and areas of need. Experienced coaches are matched to meet your unique interests and circumstances. Register Now >

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Available CoachingOurselves Topics

Accountability: It’s A Tricky World
Analyzing Employee Performance
Appreciating Appreciative Inquiry
Being A Catalytic Leader
Beyond Bickering
Beyond Bullying
Brand Building For Every Manager
Candid Conversations
Career Anchors
Chains, Hubs, Webs, And Sets
Changing Things: What And How
Coaching Others
Control Through Decision Making
Crafting Strategy
Creating A Culture Of Openness: Rethinking The 21st Century Workplace
Dealing With The Pressures Of Managing
Decision Making: It’s Not What You Think
Developing Our Organization As A Community
Developing Your People: The 70:20:10 Framework
Emotional Intelligence: Your Inner And Outer Self
Engagement: Beyond Buy-In
Feedforward Instead Of Feedback

Fit To Lead
Five Ideas About Teamwork
From Top Performer To Manager
Gender Inclusive Leadership
Global or Worldly: Diversity In The 21st Century
High Performing Teams
Igniting Momentum With Customer Insights
In Praise of Middle Management
Influencing Others: Leading Through Trust
Innovate Using Generative Relationships
Introducing Culture In Organizations
Introducing Strategy Through Robin Hood
It Does Have An Off Button
Knowledge Sharing For Innovation: The Wiki Way
Leading Change In Difficult Times
Leading With Humility
Lenses For Leadership Insights
Lessons From Machiavelli And Lao Tzu
Management Competency Raising

Management Styles: Art, Craft, Science
Managing Conflict In Teams
Managing Culture Change: Beyond The Status Quo
Managing Metaphors
Managing On The Edges
Managing On The Planes Of Information, People, And Action
Managing On The Tightropes: The Inescapable Conundrums Of Managing
Managing Time And Energy
Managing To Lead
Models Of Engagement: Employer-Employee Relations
Negotiating Styles
Opening Up The Moral Senses
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Leadership
Political Games In Organizations
Practical Tips For Leading Meetings That Matter
Probing Into Culture
Seeing Beyond Belief: Observation Skills For Managers
Silos And Slabs In Organizations
Simply Managing: From Reflection To Action

Smart Investments In Talent
Some Surprising Things About Collaboration
Stimulating The Entrepreneurial Imagination
Strategic Blindspots
Strategic Thinking As Seeing
Swot For Strategy
Talent Management
Ten More Ways To Release Change
Ten Ways To Release Change
The Play Of Analysis
The Players Of Cultural Change
The Power Of Social Learning
The Rewards Of Recognition
Thinking Entrepreneurially To Grow Your Business
Time To Dialogue
Turning The Tables: Unusual Seating For Creative Problem Solving
Two Models Of Change
Understanding Organizations
Understanding Stakeholders
Visionary Management
Working Style Differences And Team Problem Solving