Jonathan Gosling

Managing Happenings Associate

Jonathan comes with a swag of experience and expertise in leadership development. He is a founding member and director of CoachingOurselves International and a leading influencer in leadership education and training.

He is Emeritus Professor of Leadership at Exeter Business School; and also holds visiting positions at the Renmin University of China (School of Philosophy); Ashridge College, UK; University of Auckland, NZ (The Leadership Institute).

Jonathan advises several companies, international agencies and government departments on their leadership-related issues. He is a Fellow of the Leadership Trust Foundation, Lancaster University’s Leadership Centre, and the Singapore Civil Service College. He served more than 10 years on the Advisory Board of the UK Defence Academy, and is a co-director of the European Leadership Centre. He is currently (2016/17) running OD programmes to support malaria elimination in two countries in southern Africa; and also contributing to the design and launch of leaderships development initiatives in Red Cross / Red Crescent National Societies in sub-Saharan Africa.

Jonathan has written several books, articles and undertaken numerous projects to shed light on leadership and management. He has the unique experience of practical work in the field where he started as a mediator and has made a significant academic contribution to leadership and management development approaches globally.

Monica and Jonathan work together in the sphere of exploring identity and how that impacts on individuals and organisations. Jonathan travels extensively with his work and partakes in sailing whenever he has a chance.  Want to read more about Jonathan? Visit his website