Annie Talvé

Management Happenings Associate

Annie Talvé is Director of Project Sisu, a creative consulting practice. Annie has been an associate with Monica Redden since early 2000’s. She has a unique understanding of groups and dynamics across organisations and is a skilled and versatile communicator, group facilitator, project manager, researcher and writer.

Her natural curiosity and rigor in research to understand patterns and cultures of organisations has often resulted in significant insights for clients that have led to organizational change.

When Monica and Annie started working together they discovered their mutual disillusionment on the quality and style of leadership programs that were on offer. They knew that it could be done differently and continue to design and deliver leadership programs that engage and provoke fresh thinking.

Annie dares to dream possibilities and she and Monica design and deliver leadership programs that genuinely drive change and transformative experiences for individuals.

Annie and Monica both love music, however tend to have entirely different taste! They also both love dogs and tend to have entirely different taste in that too! What a team!

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